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Q What is a Split System?
A A split system is air conditioning jargon explaining that there are 2 components to the system, one indoors and one outdoors. The compressor (the louder component) is outdoors. The refrigerative part is indoors. This can be mounted on the wall, floor or ceiling. A ducted split system has the indoor component in the roof cavity.
Q Do I have to close all my doors and windows with my new air conditioner?
A Your air conditioner will be more efficient and effective for you with your doors and windows closed, however if you like to have some fresh air on those not so hot and not so cold days you can leave a door or window open. Just be aware that your air conditioner will be trying to cool or heat all the air in the room including the fresh air coming in and this will cause your air conditioner to work harder.
Q How noisy are the outdoor units?
A On each brochure you will see a db rating. All outdoor units make a humming sound.
Q How do I know what size unit I need?
A We recommend you discuss your needs with us at Absolute Cool so that we can best advise the size to meet your requirements. There are several factors to consider; firstly it depends on whether or not you have insulation in your roof and what rating of insulation (preferably 2.5 or over). The number of people in the home is also important, as is your geographical location and how you want to use your air conditioner. Absolute Cool work on supplying 150 watts of cooling capacity per square meter for insulated homes and 180 watts for homes not insulated.
Q How much will my air conditioner cost to run?
A Depending on how you use your air conditioner will depend on the cost. But if you keep your doors and windows closed and the air conditioner running at a moderate temp (23 degrees) then it should cost you no more than 25cents per hour in the summer months and 18cents per hour in the winter months.

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