Ducted System Air Conditioning

Ducted systems are the most convenient and economical way to air condition your home all year round. Designed to provide a generous airflow with one central unit supplying comfort to every room of your home, ducted air conditioning provides unobtrusive, quiet climate control. The systems are completely flexible and can be customised for any application.

With discreet ceiling vents throughout your home the conditioned air is distributed quietly and efficiently. The return air grille contains a washable filter that filters the air passing through it meaning clear air for your home. In addition to cooling and heating they dehumidify and filter air, making it more comfortable and cleaner.

Zone Control

You also have the option of a zone controlled system which gives you the flexibility of operation in different areas in your home. This means you only need to have air conditioning in the rooms you’re going to use. There’s no wasted energy heating or cooling unused parts of your home or if you have different temperature requirements. You could run the air conditioning in your living areas during the day and in the bedrooms at night - you can control the comfort climate as you need.

Installation & Maintenance

Absolute Cool visit your home to better understand your needs and also to assess the various factors of your house, its structure, layout etc which all play a role in determining the best system for your comfort. We complete the full installation including co-ordination of the electrical requirements – so that the system is fully operational and ready for your use.

Correct and regular maintenance of your air conditioner, by our licensed technicians, will ensure that it is operating at its optimal performance which will also prolong its life. By ensuring regular servicing of your air conditioner you will achieve maximum performance and also reduce your power usage.

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