Split System Air Conditioning

The most common residential air conditioning system is the split-system air conditioner.
Made up of two units that work together (the working unit fits on an outside wall which helps keep the noise out of the home whilst the inside air outlet is placed on an inside wall or the ceiling). This type of air conditioner is best suited when needing to air condition only one area of your home, the perfect option for having a bedroom air conditioned or just the living room. Used for both cooling and heating split-systems have the advantage of being quieter indoors during operation and also looking very sleek inside your home.

Our air conditioning technology uses an inverter or variable speed drive in the motor system that drives the compressor. The system reaches the desired temperature quickly and efficiently without wild fluctuations saving on running costs. Inverter systems have a more advanced technology that operates like an accelerator in a car, gently increasing or decreasing power as temperatures fluctuate.

What types of split system air conditioners are available?

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

If you have the wall space for it, you should opt for a wall mounted air conditioner. These conditioners are specially designed for small rooms, which they can cool quickly and uniformly.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioners

You should buy a floor mounted air conditioner in case the room you want to cool is quite big and you do not have enough wall space for mounting. With the floor standing units, you have the option of installing these whilst building your home having the unit semi recessed into a wall.

Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioners

A ceiling mounted air conditioner is best when your walls and floor cannot accommodate an air conditioner. This air conditioner also provides uniform cooling.

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